Q. How accurate is NGE100 - can i use the numbers to bill my tenants?

A. Very accurate! NGE100 can measure down to between 0.1 watt and 1 watt, depending on the power meter to which it is attached. We would not recomend using it as a billing device but if it suits your need, then you are free to do as you like.


Q. I have an old power meter in my house with a turning wheel - can i use NGE100?

A. No, NGE100 uses the LED light of new power meters to calculate the power consumption.


Q. Do i need to change anything in my installation or make physical wiring to use NGE100?

A. No, NGE101 uses a small reading eye that is mounted on the surface of your power meter. The reading are trasmitted to the main unit in your living room or desktop wireless.


Q. My power meter has a curved front panel - how can i mount the sensor?

A. The NGE100 sensor is designed to be able to mount on 95% of all meters, also meters with a curved front panel. If your power meters is designed in a way that makes it impossible to mount the sensor, then it is possible to cut, heat / bend the mouting plate.


Q. How long will the batteries last?

A. It depends in the usage and impulses of your power meter. We have designed the product to have at least 8 months of batteri life time. In some or most cases the life time of the batteries is much greater.

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